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In Hendersonville, Tennessee, effectively navigating the complexities of criminal defense law demands expertise and unwavering commitment.

Byron Pugh Legal meets this challenge head-on. With a keen understanding of legal intricacies, our team steadfastly defends the rights of individuals accused of crimes.

The Byron Pugh team is proficient in a diverse array of criminal defense cases, spanning from minor infractions to grave felonies. Our approach encompasses meticulous case analysis, thorough examination of evidence, and strategic planning to construct a formidable defense.

We tailor our strategies based on each unique case.

Understanding the gravity of criminal proceedings, Byron Pugh Legal is prepared to vigorously advocate for clients in negotiations and the courtroom. We offer confidential consultations to grasp each client’s unique circumstances and provide tailored legal counsel.

Our priority is to strive for optimal outcomes on behalf of our clients.

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When facing criminal charges, having a dedicated and experienced Hendersonville criminal defense lawyer by your side is essential.

At Byron Pugh Legal, we understand the gravity of the situation and are committed to providing unwavering support and expert legal representation to clients in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

From domestic assault to drug crimes, DUI, murder, property crimes, and sex crimes, our firm handles a wide range of cases. Contact us today at 615-255-9595 for a free consultation!

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Why Choose Byron Pugh Legal?

Choosing the right Hendersonville criminal defense lawyer can be a pivotal decision that profoundly impacts the outcome of your case. Here are several compelling reasons to trust Byron Pugh Legal to protect your rights and future.


With years of experience and a deep understanding of Tennessee’s legal landscape, Byron Pugh has the expertise to handle even the most complex cases.

His skill, experience, and dedication have earned him a reputation as an outstanding Hendersonville criminal defense attorney.

Client-Centered Approach

At Byron Pugh Legal, we prioritize our clients’ needs and interests above all else.

We understand that facing criminal charges can be a daunting experience, which is why we provide compassionate support, clear communication, and personalized attention throughout every stage of the legal process.

Strategic Defense Strategies

Every case is unique, and Byron Pugh employs a tailored approach to develop strategic defense strategies that address the specific circumstances and complexities of each case.

From meticulous investigation to skilled negotiation and vigorous advocacy, we tirelessly work to secure the best possible resolution for your case.

Former Prosecutor Experience

Byron Pugh’s experience as a former prosecutor provides him with invaluable insight into the tactics and strategies used by the opposing side.

This unique perspective allows him to anticipate challenges, identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, and craft effective defense strategies to protect your rights.

Hendersonville Criminal Defense Practice Areas

At Byron Pugh Legal, we provide skilled legal representation for clients facing a wide range of criminal charges. Our practice areas include, but are not limited to the following.

Domestic Assault and Battery

Accusations of domestic violence can have serious repercussions, including strained relationships and potential criminal penalties. You need a skilled Hendersonville criminal defense lawyer like Byron Pugh to protect your rights.

Our team meticulously investigates the events leading up to the alleged offense, the validity of eyewitness accounts, and the circumstances surrounding your arrest. We’ll also carefully examine possible defenses or mitigating circumstances.

Drug Crimes

Whether you’re facing charges related to possession, distribution, or manufacturing of controlled substances, Byron Pugh has the knowledge and experience to mount a strong defense on your behalf.

We understand the complexities of drug laws in Tennessee and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

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DUI Defense

A DUI conviction can lead to heavy fines, jail time, and the suspension or loss of your driver’s license. It can also raise your insurance rates and limit your career opportunities.

Byron Pugh understands the nuances of DUI laws in Tennessee and will fight aggressively to have your case dismissed, win a not-guilty ruling, or secure a plea bargain reducing the penalties.

Gun Crimes

In Hendersonville, TN, facing charges for gun crimes is a serious matter that could result in harsh penalties, including significant fines and prolonged incarceration. A vigorous defense is critical when confronted with these charges.

At Byron Pugh Legal, we diligently review every element of your case. We scrutinize the legality of your weapon possession and explore any potential violations of your constitutional rights at the time of arrest. By collaborating with forensic experts, we challenge the prosecution’s evidence and construct a strong defense strategy aimed at either diminishing the charges or achieving an acquittal.

Murder Defense

Accusations of murder or homicide are among the most serious criminal charges one can face. Byron Pugh approaches these cases with the utmost professionalism and dedication, leveraging his experience and expertise to defend your rights vigorously.

Property Crimes

From theft and burglary to vandalism and arson, a conviction for a property crime can result in severe legal penalties. Byron Pugh is committed to protecting your rights and providing a strong, strategic defense against property crime charges.

Sex Crimes

Allegations of sexual assault, rape, or other sex crimes can be devastating, even if unfounded. Byron Pugh understands the sensitive nature of these cases and provides compassionate yet assertive advocacy for clients facing sex crime charges.

How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help Me?

Having an experienced Hendersonville criminal defense lawyer by your side can make all the difference. Here’s how.

Legal Expertise

A criminal defense lawyer possesses a deep understanding of criminal law and procedural rules in Tennessee. They can navigate the complexities of the legal system on your behalf, ensuring that your rights are protected at every stage of the process.

Strategic Defense Planning

A skilled criminal defense lawyer will assess the details of your case and develop a personalized defense strategy tailored to your specific circumstances.

Whether through negotiation, pre-trial motions, or courtroom advocacy, they will work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Emotional Support and Guidance

Facing criminal charges can be an emotionally taxing experience. A compassionate criminal defense lawyer can provide you with the support and guidance you need to navigate the challenges ahead with confidence and peace of mind.

Protecting Your Rights

One of the primary roles of a Hendersonville criminal defense attorney is to safeguard your constitutional rights.

From ensuring fair treatment by law enforcement to challenging unlawful evidence in court, they are dedicated to protecting your rights and interests every step of the way.

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In many instances, criminal cases can be resolved through negotiation rather than trial. A Hendersonville criminal defense knows how to negotiate with prosecutors, striving to reach favorable plea agreements or reduced charges whenever possible.

Court Representation

If your case goes to trial, your criminal defense lawyer will present your case persuasively and cross-examine witnesses effectively.

They will handle all aspects of the legal proceedings, including filing motions, presenting evidence, and making compelling arguments on your behalf.

What to do if your are arrested | Byron Pugh Hendersonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

What to Do If You’re Arrested

If you find yourself under arrest or facing criminal charges, it’s crucial to take immediate action to protect your rights and interests. Here are some important steps.

Stay Calm and Don’t Talk to the Police

While being arrested can be a stressful experience, it’s essential to remain calm and composed. Be respectful to police but don’t make any statements or answer questions until you’ve consulted with your attorney.

It’s important to remember that anything you say to law enforcement can be used against you in court.

Invoke Your Right to a Lawyer

As soon as possible, contact Byron Pugh Legal to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Remember, you have the right to legal representation, and invoking this right is critical to safeguarding your interests.

Document the Details

Take note of the circumstances surrounding your arrest, including the time, location, and individuals involved. This information can be valuable in building your defense strategy.

Follow Your Lawyer’s Advice

Your attorney will provide you with guidance and advice throughout the legal process. Follow their instructions closely and refrain from discussing your case with anyone other than your legal counsel.

Steps in the Criminal Law Process in Tennessee

The criminal justice system can be complicated as well as intimidating. A Hendersonville criminal defense lawyer will defend your rights and guide you at every step in your case. Here is an overview of what to expect if you’re arrested.

Arrest and Booking

First, police obtain an arrest warrant based on probable cause. Police take you into custody and you’re booked at a local police station or county jail. Your personal information is recorded, and fingerprints and photographs are taken.

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Initial Appearance and Bail

The next step is appearing before a judge. During this initial appearance, the charges against you are presented and your rights are explained. The judge decides if you can be released either with or without bail.

If the judge believes a person would endanger others or flee, they may decide the person must be detained until the trial.

Preliminary Hearing or Grand Jury Indictment

In felony cases, the prosecution may present evidence at a preliminary hearing to establish probable cause. Alternatively, a grand jury may decide whether there is sufficient evidence to move forward with a trial.

Arraignment and Pre-Trial

During the arraignment, the accused is formally informed of the charges against them and enters a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest. If you choose to plead not guilty, the case will move to trial.

Both the prosecution and defense may file pre-trial motions addressing legal issues or requesting the disclosure of evidence. This allows both sides to prepare for the court battle.


During the trial, the prosecution presents its evidence, and the defense has the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses and present its case.

The trial concludes with closing arguments from both sides, after which the judge or jury deliberates and renders a verdict.

If the defendant is found guilty, the judge imposes a sentence based on statutory guidelines, the severity of the offense, and any mitigating or aggravating factors.

Misdemeanors vs. Felonies in Tennessee

In Tennessee, criminal offenses are classified as either misdemeanors or felonies based on the severity of the offense and potential penalties involved.


Misdemeanors are less serious offenses and result in lighter punishments compared to felonies. Examples include petty theft and some drug possession charges.

Misdemeanor convictions generally result in fines, probation, and less than a year in jail.


Felonies are more serious offenses such as murder, rape, robbery, and certain drug trafficking charges. The penalties for a felony can include lengthy prison sentences and significant fines.

Felony convictions can result in imprisonment for one year or more, as well as lifelong consequences such as loss of voting rights and difficulty obtaining employment.

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Being accused of a crime is a frightening and overwhelming experience. Seeking help from a skilled and experienced Hendersonville criminal defense lawyer is essential.

At Byron Pugh Legal, we are dedicated to protecting your rights at every step and providing the strategic and compassionate representation you deserve.

Byron Pugh uses his thorough knowledge of the Tennessee legal system and his insights as a former prosecutor to advocate for clients both in negotiations and in the courtroom.

Don’t hesitate to contact Byron Pugh Legal for a free consultation if you need a defense lawyer in the Nashville area.

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