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In Nashville, Tennessee, facing criminal charges requires a law firm with deep knowledge and a committed approach to defense. The Byron Pugh Law Office, specializing in criminal defense, is dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused in this intricate legal environment.

Handling a broad range of criminal cases, from minor infractions to complex felony charges, the firm’s strategy is centered on creating strong, evidence-based defenses. They emphasize detailed case analysis and strategic planning, tailoring their approach to each unique situation and client.

The Byron Pugh team understands the gravity of criminal allegations and is relentless in advocating for their clients, both in pre-trial negotiations and in court proceedings. They provide confidential consultations to fully grasp each client’s case, offering knowledgeable and pertinent legal guidance.

With the Byron Pugh Law Office, clients in Nashville can expect dedicated and effective legal representation, focused on securing the best possible outcomes in their legal battles.

Nashville, TN Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges in Tennessee? Navigating the criminal justice system alone is a risk you can’t afford.

At Byron Pugh Legal, we specialize in criminal defense cases, offering you expertise in a range of criminal cases including assault, theft, drug crimes, and murder. Our aggressive representation aims to protect your rights, your freedom, and your future.

To discuss your situation and available legal options, contact us today at 615-255-9595.

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Why Choose Byron Pugh Legal?

When it comes to getting the best criminal defense attorney, you need more than just legal advice. It’s imperative to have a dedicated criminal defense lawyer who fights vigorously for you. Byron Pugh takes your case seriously from day one.

We dive deep into the details, scrutinize evidence, consult experts, and leverage every available legal avenue to build a strong defense for you. We understand that time is of the essence. For this reason, we act quickly to gather all facts that could be beneficial to your case.

Byron Pugh Legal | Criminal Defense Attorney Practice Areas

Domestic Assault & Battery

In Tennessee, the terms ‘assault’ and ‘battery’ are often used interchangeably, but they refer to distinct actions with different legal ramifications. Assault refers to the attempt of personal injury, or threat of causing physical harm to another person, whereas battery is the actual act of inflicting physical harm. The state recognizes multiple degrees of these offenses, which are categorized based on their severity.

Our team meticulously investigates the events leading up to the alleged offense, the validity of eyewitness accounts, and the circumstances surrounding your arrest prior to conviction. We also examine the potential for self-defense claims or provocation as a mitigating factor. Our goal is to have criminal defense attorneys provide a nuanced, comprehensive defense tailored to the specifics of your case.

Drug Crimes

The state of Tennessee has stringent drug laws, which cover offenses ranging from simple drug possession to drug trafficking. Aside from the high conviction rates, the penalties for drug charges are often severe, including significant jail time and hefty fines.

But with Byron Pugh Legal, you’re not just another case number. We closely examine the circumstances of your arrest prior to conviction, the validity of search warrants, and the procedures followed by law enforcement. Any discrepancies or illegal actions could be grounds to get your charges reduced or even dismissed.


Byron Pugh’s expertise in criminal matters extends to DUI charges as well. If you’ve been charged with DUI in the Nashville area, we can provide excellent representation and work to secure a not-guilty ruling, a lowered sentence, or have your case dismissed altogether.


Murder is the most serious criminal charge one can face in Tennessee, with penalties that can include life imprisonment without parole or even the death penalty. When you’re facing such grave legal circumstances, however, you need a law firm that will leave no stone unturned.

Byron Pugh Legal thoroughly investigates the facts, brings in forensic experts when necessary, and carefully builds a criminal defense strategy to challenge the prosecution’s case.

Property Crimes

In Tennessee, theft is considered a serious offense. Whether it’s petty theft or grand larceny, you could face substantial fines and a criminal record that follows you in court and for life.

Burglary, another severe offense, involves unlawful entry into a building with intent to commit theft or a felony. With multiple degrees of burglary, the police officer say the potential penalties are harsh and could include long-term imprisonment.

At Byron Pugh Legal, we know what it takes to challenge theft, burglary, and other property crime charges. We’ll scrutinize video evidence, question the validity of eyewitness accounts, and seek to undermine the prosecution’s case at every turn.

Sex Crimes

If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, hiring an experienced lawyer to represent you is vital to preserve and protect your future. Regardless of what crime you’ve been accused of, Byron Pugh Legal can help you fight your charges with experience and aggressive representation.

Byron Pugh Legal offers defense for cases such as:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Sexual harassment
  • and more…

At the law office of Byron Pugh, you can trust that you’ll have a lawyer committed to preserving your freedom.


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Consult the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tennessee

Confronting criminal charges in Tennessee can feel like a mountainous battle, yet it’s one that’s not impossible to win. At Byron Pugh Legal, we bring our specialized criminal defense expertise to bear on your behalf, vigorously your legal rights, defending your rights, and striving for the most favorable resolution.

Whether grappling with allegations of assault, theft, drug crimes, or murder, you can count on Byron Pugh Legal to be your steadfast advocate in the courtroom and beyond. For an unyielding, committed, and skilled criminal defense lawyer, call Byron Pugh Legal today at 615-255-9595 to schedule a free consultation.

Understanding Nashville’s Criminal Law System

Navigating the legal landscape in Nashville, TN can be daunting, especially when facing criminal charges. Understanding the local judicial system is crucial for a solid defense.

The Role of Criminal Defense Attorneys in Nashville, TN

A criminal defense lawyer in Nashville is more than just an attorney; they are your advocate, protector, and guide through the complex web of Tennessee’s legal system. They are tasked with ensuring your rights are defended, providing counsel on legal matters, and representing you in court. Their in-depth knowledge of Nashville’s laws and courtroom dynamics is invaluable for anyone facing criminal charges.

Navigating Nashville Courtrooms: What to Expect

The courtrooms in Nashville have their own set of procedures and expectations. From pre-trial hearings to jury selection and trials, each step is critical. A seasoned Nashville criminal defense lawyer understands these nuances and can navigate the system efficiently, ensuring you’re prepared for every stage of the legal process.

Our Nashville criminal defense lawyers know the law in Tennessee. Nashville criminal defense attorney for drug possession, license suspension, murder, theft, assault, and other crimes. Criminal defense attorneys, Nashville criminal defense attorney

Why Local Experience Matters in Criminal Defense

Choosing the right defense attorney in Nashville, TN can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Local experience is not just beneficial; it’s critical.

The Benefits of Hiring a Local Nashville Attorney

A local Nashville attorney brings invaluable insights into the local legal environment. They have established relationships with prosecutors, judges, and court personnel, which can be leveraged to your advantage. They’re also familiar with local laws and ordinances that could play a pivotal role in your defense.

Byron Pugh Legal: Deeply Rooted in the Nashville Community

At Byron Pugh Legal, we’re not just lawyers in Nashville; we’re part of the Nashville community. Our firm has a long-standing tradition of providing robust legal representation to our neighbors, friends, and families in Nashville. Our deep roots in the community motivate us to fight tirelessly for the rights and futures of our clients.

Whether you’re facing legal trouble in East Nashville, Historic Edgefield, Berry Hill, Germantown, or had a few too many on Broadway Street, the law office of Byron Pugh Legal is here to help.

Nashville Criminal Defense FAQs

What should I do if I’m arrested?

If you find yourself under arrest in Nashville, TN, it’s essential to remember your right to remain silent and promptly request the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. It’s advisable to avoid discussing your case until you have legal representation, as anything you say could potentially be used in the legal proceedings against you.

How can a criminal defense lawyer help me?

A criminal defense attorney plays a pivotal role in your case. They are responsible for examining the charges you face, probing the details of your arrest, compiling evidence, negotiating with the prosecuting authorities, and representing you in court. Their primary goal is to safeguard your rights and strive for the most favorable outcome in your situation.

Can Byron Pugh Legal handle different types of criminal cases in Nashville?

Byron Pugh Legal in Nashville, TN, is equipped to handle a diverse array of criminal cases. This includes managing cases related to DUI, drug-related offenses, assault and battery, theft, as well as more severe crimes such as homicide or armed robbery. The defense strategies employed are customized according to the specific details of each case.

What are the potential consequences of a criminal conviction in Nashville, Tennessee?

The repercussions of a criminal conviction in Nashville, TN, can vary extensively based on the crime’s severity. These consequences might include fines, community service, probation, incarceration, and the possibility of a permanent criminal record. Engaging a criminal defense lawyer can be instrumental in reducing these potential impacts.

How much does a criminal lawyer in Nashville, Tennessee cost?

In Nashville, TN, the price for a criminal attorney can differ greatly based on a variety of elements. Factors influencing this cost are the case’s intricacy, the gravity of the charges, the lawyer’s expertise and renown, and the time and resources needed for a defense strategy. Criminal attorneys in this area may bill by the hour or offer a fixed fee arrangement.

Additional charges may apply for court expenses, fees for expert witnesses, and investigation expenses. For a more accurate estimate of the expenses related to your particular case, it is advisable to get in touch with Byron Pugh Legal directly.

What are the differences between Misdemeanors and Felonies in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, misdemeanors are considered minor offenses and typically come with less severe punishments. These offenses might lead to penalties such as fines, community service, probation, or jail time not exceeding three years, based on the misdemeanor’s seriousness. Examples of misdemeanors are minor theft, basic assault, and a first DUI offense.

Conversely, felonies are categorized as more grave crimes in Tennessee, attracting sterner consequences. These include significant fines, extended probation terms, and prison sentences exceeding three years, which could extend to life imprisonment or even the death penalty for extremely serious cases. Examples of felonies are crimes like homicide, sexual assault, breaking and entering, and illegal drug distribution.

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