Bail Changes That Affect Misdemeanor Offenders

Bail Changes That Affect Misdemeanor Offenders

Nashville’s bail reform aims to create a fairer justice system. The previous system required cash bail for almost all misdemeanor offenses, often trapping low-income individuals in jail who couldn’t afford to pay their way out while awaiting trial.

The reform assesses each defendant’s likelihood of appearing for future court dates or re-offending. Below, a Nashville criminal defense lawyer explains all the proposed changes to the bailing system and how they would impact offenders.

More Misdemeanor Offenders Released

The proposed bail reforms in Nashville aim to release more people charged with minor offenses like driving with a suspended license or petty theft. Currently, many misdemeanor offenders remain in jail before trial simply because they can’t afford bail.

The bail amount for misdemeanors is often relatively low, around $500 to $1,000, but it’s still out of reach for some. By eliminating cash bail for many misdemeanors, the new rules would allow more people to await trial at home rather than behind bars.

Evaluating the Risk Assessment Tool Used for Pretrial Release

Nashville’s pretrial risk assessment tool evaluates various factors like criminal history, employment, and community ties to determine if a defendant should be released before trial. The tool aims to release low-risk individuals and ensure they attend future court dates. However, some argue it promotes inequality.

The risk assessment tool uses an algorithm to evaluate factors like the current charge, criminal history, history of failure to appear in court, and community ties. Defendants are scored as low, moderate or high risk. Low-risk individuals are usually released on their recognizance (ROR). Moderate or high-risk defendants may have conditions like electronic monitoring or bonds.

Concerns From Law Enforcement About Misdemeanor Bail Reform

Law enforcement officials argue that eliminating cash bail for misdemeanors could compromise public safety. Without monetary conditions of release, more defendants may fail to appear in court or re-offend before trial. Police worry this could embolden some to commit additional crimes or flee prosecution.

proposed bail changes would see more offenders released

While advocates counter that most misdemeanor defendants are not a threat to public safety, law enforcement believes even minor offenses should not be taken lightly. They point out that some misdemeanors like domestic violence are precursors to more serious crimes. Releasing these defendants without sufficient conditions of release could enable further abuse.

What This Means for the Future of Bail in Nashville

The proposed amendments give judges much more latitude in denying bail for violent offenses and repeat offenders. Rather than following a fixed bail schedule, judges can now make decisions based on the details of each case and the perceived threat to public safety. For low-level, non-violent misdemeanors, judges may also allow more defendants to remain free until trial.

Supporters argue these changes will make the bail system fairer, as poorer defendants won’t be jailed simply due to an inability to pay high bail. However, opponents counter that denying bail altogether also infringes on the presumption of innocence and the right to freedom before conviction. There are also concerns that biases could influence judges’ discretionary decisions.

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