How Long Does DUI Stay On Your Record In Tennessee?

Unfortunately, a DUI conviction in Tennessee will remain on your driving record permanently. There is no way to expunge or remove a DUI charge from your record through taking a class or other means. The only possibility is getting the charge dismissed.

Read on to find out how a Tennessee DUI lawyer can help you fight any charges you’re facing or remove charges from your record, whenever possible.

Options for Removing a DUI From Your Record in Tennessee

While DUI convictions generally remain permanently on your record in Tennessee, there are a few options to remove a DUI charge under certain circumstances:

  • If your DUI charges were dismissed, you were acquitted, or the state decided not to prosecute, you may be able to expunge the arrest from your criminal record. This can help clear your name.
  • If a grand jury returned a “no true bill” in your case, declining to indict you, you may also be able to expunge the record.
  • If you were initially charged with DUI but later convicted of reckless driving or another lesser offense, you may petition to expunge the record after five years. This clears the harsher DUI charge.
  • For first-time offenders, completing a diversion program can also lead to expungement. You’ll need to fulfill all requirements, like community service.

While expungement removes the record from public view, law enforcement still has access. And you must disclose expunged arrests/convictions on applications. Still, it offers a second chance.

a DUI lawyer can help you fight drunk driving charges

Consult an attorney to understand your options based on your specific circumstances. Be fully informed before making any decisions that can impact your future. With the right legal guidance, expungement may help you move forward.

How Can You Request Expungement?

If your DUI charges qualify, you’ll need to petition the court to have your record expunged. This requires filing paperwork and appearing at a court hearing. Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Get your case information – You’ll need details like your docket number, arrest date, court jurisdiction, etc., to file your petition.
  • Obtain expungement forms – Each court has its expungement paperwork. Visit or call the clerk’s office to get the right forms.
  • Complete and file the petition – Fill out the expungement petition fully and accurately. File it with the clerk of the court that handled your case, along with any required fees.
  • Attend your hearing – The court will schedule a hearing and notify you of the date. You or your lawyer must attend and answer any questions.
  • Receive the court’s decision – If approved, the court will order agencies to expunge your record and then send you confirmation. It can take 30-60 days to finalize.
  • Verify your record – Once ordered, follow up with the arresting agency and court after 60 days. Confirm your case now shows as expunged in their systems.

Getting charges expunged requires time and effort. With persistence and by completing all required steps, you can petition to have eligible DUI offenses removed from your Tennessee record. Consult a local attorney for guidance.

Contact An Experienced Nashville DUI Defense Lawyer

Being arrested for a DUI in Tennessee can be a jarring experience, leaving you worried about your driving privileges, possible fines, and jail time.

However, an experienced DUI defense lawyer can help. An attorney will thoroughly examine the details of your arrest and evidence. They can identify any procedural errors, weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, or defense strategies that may lead to reduced charges or possibly getting the charges dropped altogether. An attorney may also negotiate with the prosecutor for a better plea deal.

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